About Us

About Patty

Hello, I grew up in Indiana and moved to Dallas in 1999. I’m blessed to have a fabulous husband and three wonderful adult children, plus two lovable puppies. I love to cook, travel and just enjoy being with my family and friends at a football game or playing board games.

After a 23 year career in IT I left the industry and decided to use my education in the financial area. I’ve enjoyed my 12+ year career as a Residential Mortgage Loan Originator.

The most exciting part of my job is when clients start to unpack, and send me a note of thanks. My client’s know I’m passionate about serving their family, achieving specific homeownership goals. Now…during and after we close on your loan…I’m there for my clients…and will be for you too..




About Our Team

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREThe key to success…my team. It’s about proactive communication from the time of application until funding (you get your keys) and our expert team. This, coupled with the outstanding company culture of Thrive Mortgage, LLC.

It’s easy to close a loan on time when you have an outstanding credit score, W2 income, and money for a downpayment. We close quickly and provide services to help your offer stand out, as you and your agent negotiate the contract of your new home. (Call me for details.)

Maybe you’re building a new home, are self-employed or had some credit hiccups. Maybe you have no credit or are moving to Texas with a VISA or are paid 100% commission. Maybe you forgot to read my Gold Star Pledge and changed jobs, transferred money around or got married in the middle of the loan process. This is where we roll up our sleeves…and do the hard work for you, so we still close on time. (Yes, this has all happened…not recommended, but we succeeded.)

The team will do an outstanding job for you. We aim to earn your trust and referrals, to all your family, friends and co-workers. We only achieve that goal by keeping our commitment to you and performing with outstanding results. This is how I’ve built my business and client base for over 10+ years.

We’ll be there for your family, if you’re a client with an easy loan criteria or one that needs some Targeted Loan Care…TLC… that is our commitment to you!


What Others Say About Patty

Once you have found the home of your dreams, it is important to find the right mortgage team to help make that dream a reality. While many mortgage companies have seen their best days, our best days are yet to come! Former clients say the following:

“I’ve known Patty for more than 20 years and she has helped me through 3 different real estate deals here in Texas. Her integrity and attention to detail have been strong attributes for her both personally and professionally. She has a positive attitude about “everything”, and once you work with her, you’ll want to remain as a contact and friend. She knows her business inside and out, and she’ll always strive to deliver results that please her clients. I would not consider working with any other mortgage lender. 5 STARS FOR PATTY!!” Patricia

“Patty is an excellent detailed, well organized Loan Officer and very successful with her clients and referral base. If you ever need a strong Loan Officer that knows the business, Patty is definitely one to utilize.” LisaKay

“I worked with Patty during March/April 2010 to secure a mortgage for our “new” home in Plano. During this time the government had let a critical insurance product lapse. Patty and her team worked to find an alternative solution to the problem. Although we did not use the other method, my husband and I appreciated the dedication of the team to get this resolved. We are very happy in our new home and appreciate all the hard work and dedication from Patty to make this happen.” Mandy

“Very responsive and knows her business well. This was the easiest closing by far.” Patricia

“Thanks for the great experience, I felt so comfortable knowing she is trustworthy and these impressions have been reinforced.” Stephen

“On top of all aspects, responsive and treats you like she would a family member.” Shelly

“Our impressions are still as high as when we first started, honest and friendly.” Gerald

“Great through the entire process, all of her team was helpful and courteous.” David

“She is fantastic, you have to call her.” Jared

“Acting as the insurance agent for Patty’s customers I was exposed to many of her clients and the relationships she develops. Also, being a 20 year veteran of mortgage banking, I know when I see an outstanding loan consultant. Customer Service has always been her top priority. She earns the trust of her clients with her candidness and hard work. She performs for her clients by being the mortgage expert. I would refer and have referred my family members to Patty.” Tom