Construction Loans

I have 10 years of experience in construction loans and have helped many clients move into their dream home. I’ve personally used the construction program for my own home. I look forward to helping your family.

You’ll receive rapid turn times from the approval process to funding because our experienced team do everything in-house! That also means we keep control of your file in house, and one-time closes are available. Communication is the key to our success; our clear and constant communication ensures a stress free process for you from application through funding. We’re Fannie Mae approved, so we can sell direct with NO overlays.

We offer Conventional, VA, Jumbo, Fannie Mae HomeStyle Renovation and Interim Construction Loans, 203K Rehab.

Our top priority is Customer Service. We know you have many choices—we strive to make the difference you deserve.

Construction Solutions:

  • All of Texas surrounding areas
  • Construction Loans finance the construction of a home while interest payments are made during the construction phase. Upon completion of the construction, the permanent loan is closed
  • Borrower
    • Has a lot purchased in their name
    • Has hired or contracted a builder to build their home
    • Purchase lot from individual at the time of construction financing (simultaneous closing)
  • Loan Terms
    • Construction financing available up to 95%
    • Maximum loan amount $1,000,000.00 (need more than $1M, give me a call)
    • Owner Occupied Properties
    • FICO – Down to 640
    • Low Fixed rates
    • Standard loan term – 7 months

Fannie Mae HomeStyle Renovation:

The HomeStyle Renovation Mortgage provides a convenient way for borrowers to make renovations, repairs, or improvements up to 50 percent of the as-completed value of the property with a first mortgage, rather than a second mortgage, home equity line of credit, or other, more costly financing method. Close as is!

  • Eligible Property includes Single Family Primary, Investor and Second Homes.
    • 1 – 4 Unit residential properties
    • Condominiums – Fannie Mae warranted
    • PUDs
    • Off-Frame Modular Homes
  • Eligible Improvements includes almost anything that becomes part of the real estate and adds value, including new swimming pools.
    • Examples: Interior renovation or improvements, Fences, Decks, Landscaping, In-ground Pools. Exception: Free-Standing appliances are allowed
  • Fixed Rate 30 year Mortgage Term
  • Conforming Loan amounts to $417,000 everywhere.
  • The cost of renovations is limited to 50% of the As Completed Value.
  • Credit scores  620
  • Finance up to six months of mortgage payments to cover non-occupancy costs during construction.

HomeStyle is a Purchase financing solution that allows a home buyer to purchase and include in their mortgage the money needed for repairs or renovations.

HomeStyle is a Refinance solution that allows a home owner to pay off existing liens and add the money needed for renovations relying on the after improved value of the property.

FHA 203(k) Rehabilitation:

The standard FHA 203(k) loan is used to purchase or refinance a home with renovation costs that exceeds $35,000 or a property in need of structural repair. The standard 203(k) loan is also used when the total renovation costs exceed the $35,000 limit of the 203(k) Streamline loan. Also, the borrowers will receive an added layer of protection from the use of a 203(k) Consultant. 203(k) Consultants are experts in their field and are used to safeguard against under or over estimating the cost of the repairs.

FHA Streamline 203(k): The FHA Streamline 203(k) is an all-in-one loan used for homes that need minor repairs. It allows borrowers to finance the purchase of an existing home or refinance a home they currently occupy and make improvements or upgrades of up to $35,000. Minimum repair costs with the FHA Streamline 203(k) loan is $5,000.