We are lucky to have Patty and her awesome team. I have been amazed at the quick turn arounds they have provided.

That was very nice of Julia to adjust her pricing. We will contact her in the future to see about regular service.

Thanks again everybody for the last minute scramble.

Brian S.

I found myself unexpectedly in need of a mortgage approval.

My wife discovered a house for sale and after casually going to see it, we decided we wanted it. With another bid already on the table and our house not yet on the market, we had to act fast. A friend at work who had just sold his house recommended Patty Newby, so I gave her a call.

We were pre-approved in just a few short hours and placed a bid on the new home. Our bid was accepted. Now came the pressing need to get fully approved with a good interest rate – and without wasting my time. I don’t like wasting time.

When Patty came to see me at work, I held my breath, expecting to have to sit through a boilerplate speech about things I already knew. But instead, I found a friendly face just as interested as I was about saving time, getting approved, and getting a good rate. Our first meeting last 15 minutes – because that’s all the time I needed. Her curb appeal was perfect. Patty was excellent at communicating only what I needed to know and helping me understand that she was on my side from the beginning of the process until the end.

And her curb appeal was no bait and switch. She delivered everything I hoped for and did it on a tight schedule.

She kept me updated continually via email and phone. She answered my occasional questions promptly and with a positive attitude. She carried a no-nonsense attitude throughout the entire process, and she landed my closing date with a phenomenal interest rate when I didn’t think either was possible.

I wholeheartedly recommend Patty Newby for anyone seeking a mortgage. She’s on your side. She’ll fight for your rate. She’ll explain everything. She’ll never waste your time. She’ll hold your hand when you need it held and let it go when you’ve got it under control. She’ll work hard to meet your schedule and she’ll keep you informed all along the way.

Thanks, Patty. I really appreciate your hard work.